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How to Perceive the Sea Differently Through Forlane 6 Studio's Fantastic Underwater Art

When an artist encountered a marine engineer, the work they collaboratively produced under the sea has totally changed the way we perceive our world and the sea. The works are often fantastic and mesmerising. Perhaps the only problem is you won’t be able to experience these works without diving down under the sea.

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Artist Profile

Forlane 6 Studio is composed by a french duo. Hortense Le Calvez was born in 1988, she studied at the Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam and graduated in 2010 from a BA at Wimbledon College of Art of London. Mathieu Goussin was born in 1985, he studied at the National School of Merchant Navy in Marseille and works on large ships as a mechanical engineer. Their practice explores themes of environmental dystopia, eco-anxiety and the anthropocene. Their water-based works depict irrational aquatic fictions in the form of in-situ sculptural interventions. They live in Greece and work on their sailing boat, a Kirk Amel from 1973, named Forlane 6, based in Poros Island. They exhibited in France and abroad, were shortlisted for the Coal prize Art and Environment and participated to several artist residencies with a strong link to the sea.

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