Site Visit: Banksy's Brexit Mural


July, 2017 | Dover, UK




Dover Beach

When we first heard the news that Banksy had painted a mural about Brexit, we immediately decided to go and see it to find out what that enormous work of art means to people. We wanted to know if art can influence change, and eventually change our life.  

After one hour on the train from London, we were standing next to it and it did not disappoint. It is beautiful and impressive! It speaks for itself and for everybody. It is big. It is just as big as what is happening in Europe right now. 

Making this artwork public, Banksy has given the world one of those rare moments when art can make the news because of its artistic value and not because of its sky-high price. What makes it more valuable is that this artwork has been created for the people, which may be why this piece is so powerful. After interviewing the local people, they made us start to believe that art can influence change if not change our life directly.

Dover Beach


Bansky's Brexit Mural Close-up

"This painting made me very inquisitive about the artist. What sort of childhood did he have? Did it make him turn to art? Did art change his life and now he is giving something back to people!" said one of the resident of Dover

The lovely people we have interviewed. Unfortunately we didn't record their names. Whoever you are, we own you a big THANK YOU!

Banksy's Brexit Mural Aerial View

Banksy's Brexit Mural Aerial View

"In hindsight, If I can do it, you can do it. If I can change my life, you can change your life. Anybody can change lives."

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