Studio Visit: Artist Theodore Ereira-Guyer


April 2017 | London




Alleyway to Theodore's studio

Nearby Graffitis

Theodore Ereira-Guyer's Print Studio

I came across Theodore’s work at his graduation show at the Royal College of Art in 2014 and left the exhibition with a strong impression. Three years later, that impression hasn’t diminished. Having never met Theodore in person, I contacted him to invite him to do a video interview with us, to which he agreed. 

The interview was conducted at his London Bridge studio called the Art Academy, where he produces his own work and teaches others to print. 

Theodore’s etchings have a strong physical presence, the marks are bold and decisive – un-undoable. He draws his inspiration from his analysis of historical maps and geography. His work evokes questions about identity, connection and perception in a fast-evolving world where lines, boundaries and identities are increasingly blurred. The etching marks are often violent and unmistakably speak for the reality they depict, whether it’s the truth or the matrix we imagine. 



Theodore's Prints Display on The Wall

"I am not trying to convey some meaning or system of thought that I have about the world, but I am looking for relationships which are mediated between the art and myself."

Theodore Ereira-Guyer's Prints Display

"The most exciting part for me is the actual making of the plate when I am doing that drawing, and  everything has a potential to become something."

Theodore Ereira-Guyer's Prints Display On The Wall

"Many people try to instrumentalise art, try to make art to have a role and purpose. I think it's dangerous. It goes against the grain of what art can be. It weakens it."
"I hope the public would say that art doesn't do anything. in some ways I think its purposelessness is its purpose."

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