Studio Visit: Sculptor Thomas Merrett


Feb 2017 | London



Street Graffitis in Bethnal Green

Thomas Merrett's Studio Space

‘Is this a film camera?’ asked Thomas in a soft tone, while surrounded by a crowd of visitors during the Burberry Craftsman Show last September. ‘Yes!’ I replied while clicking away to get a few snaps of him shaping up a scaled male body in clay. ‘It’s quite rare people shooting film nowadays!’ he said. He asked if I was interested in taking some photos of his sculptures in his studio, so I said ‘sure!’, and that is how I met Thomas. After a brief conversation, that random encounter led to the our first ARTVISIT film.

The photo shoot took place five months later. Thomas had just moved into his new studio in a gated mews in Bethnal Green and was sharing a bigger space with a textile designer. To my surprise the studio was impeccable, which completely contradicted my old art school memories. A large floor to ceiling window flooded the white painted room with soft and broad northern light. In the middle of the room stood Thomas’s latest sculpture that he was working on for a competition and so our interview began by talking about his fascination with the human body.

"sculpture has such a long process. it's like running a marathon."

Plaster Casts 


Thomas Merrett is working on a new piece of sculpture

"not being scared of changing things is good for the development of the sculpture."

"I'm fascinated by the human body and what it can do."

Thomas Merrett at Makers House during Burberry's New Craftsman Show in 2016

"art has an effect on people. it can make you be completely outside of the moment that you are in. That's the power of art!"

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